Your my.ohecampus account is your gateway to the online University.

You will receive your log-in details for my.ohecampus a few days after you are admitted to the University. Keep your log-in details safe; they are vital for your life as a student.

The Vital Student Information Form provides a handy reference for the online resources you will be using as a student and a place to keep details of you my.ohecampus log-in, Student Support Manager's contact details and (after you register in your first week of study) University of Liverpool Online Library log-in.

When you log-in (see here if you haven't done this yet), the first page you see is your homepage.

Think of this as walking through the gate of the University. You might want to stop at the Administration to check on your tuition fees, the modules you are enrolled in or see the module calendar so you can plan breaks in your studies. You can do this using the menu on the left side of the my.ohecampus homepage.

From the same gateway you can access your online classroom, your study email and the online student community. You will see links to the online classroom (Blackboard), and your study email and the online student community  (collectively called eCampus, accessed by clicking on Email and Student Lounges) in the menu at the top of the screen. You can also access the Online Library, by clicking on the Resources link in the left-hand menu.

Clicking on Contact your Student Support Manager will launch open an email addressed to your Student Support Manager (or if you've not been appointed one yet, another member of the support team).

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Please note:
To learn more about my.ohecampus see the user manual in the Student Handbook.


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