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You will receive an email from Student Announcements (at your @my.ohecampus email address) telling you to register for the University's Online Library before the end of your first week of study.

You will not be able to register for the Online Library using the process described below until you have received this email.


Students on the University of Liverpool's online postgraduate programmes benefit from access to an extensive Online Library. This page tells you how to register for the Online Library, where to get support if you have problems registering, and the resources available to get you up-and-running using the Online Library.

Laureate LENS (which you use to access your classrooms and email, the Student Community, and your administrative details) is run by Laureate Online Education, as part of their partnership with the University of Liverpool.

The Online Library is run by the University of Liverpool. This means that you have to use a different log-in to access the Online Library than the log-in you use for accessing Laureate LENS, and that you will need to contact a different team if you need support in using the Online Library; don't worry though, this is all explained below.

You will not be set any assignments that require you to use the Online Library until you have been invited to register, but in the second week of your studies you will be set assignments that require you to use the Online Library, so you should register as soon as possible after receiving the email. A downloadable version of this page is available here.


How to access the University of Liverpool's Online Library 


1. The first step is to self-register.

Please go to You will need to provide:

You will also have to type in two words that are displayed on the screen; this is a security measure.

If you suffer from a visual impairment that makes it difficult or impossible to do this, make sure you have your computer's sound turned up or headphones plugged in and click on the loudspeaker icon (see the yellow arrow in the image below); you can then type in the two words that will be read out to you.

Extensive guidance on registration for a MWS account (required to access the Library) can be obtained by clicking here



2.  After registration, you will be provided with a University of Liverpool MWS username and asked to create your own password.


You should note down your username and password in a safe place NOW. You will NOT receive a confirmation email, and you will NOT be sent your new username and password by email.


Important Notes

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