Welcome to the User’s Manual for your student portal,, Laureate Online Education’s online student services information system. provides each student with access to their online learning environment, a tool to view and edit personal information, to view weekly grades, to review lists of modules taken and grades awarded, to register and enrol in available modules, and much more.

Log-In Process

To log-in, click the following link:, your Student Portal.

When logging in to, you have a limited amount of attempts at inputting your username and password correctly. If you have incorrectly entered your password five times, access to the system will be blocked and you will be asked to contact the Support Center via a link on the screen.  Please follow this link to the Support Center and follow instructions. If it is your first visit to the Support Center you will have to register first, then you may ask for Live Chat or Submit A Ticket.

Home Page

The home page provides you with important announcements, news and information. Messages are ordered from the latest to the earliest.

Note that this is also your entry to your online, virtual class environment, Blackboard and also your virtual campus environment, eCampus. Both links are in the upper right hand corner of the home page of Once logged in to, you can gain access to Blackboard and eCampus without the need for supplying further login credentials.



The University of Liverpool is in the process of transitioning how you access the grades for your assignments.

Up to Spring 2011, the grades for assignments have been found within the Gradebook application in

We will now start providing the grades for your assignments within Blackboard; obviously having access to your grades in the same place that you submit your work will be far more convenient.

Gradebook in will still be used for accessing end-of-module grades, as well as for viewing the grades received for any assignments graded prior to the changeover.

For students who started studying before 24th March 2011, the transition of assignment grading to Blackboard will take place between March and May 2011, depending on the programme you are studying. You will be notified of when your programme starts being graded in Blackboard by email, and (if you start a module during the transition period) in the classroom by your Instructor. 

If you started studying on or after 24th March 2011, your assignment grades will only ever appear in Blackboard.

To learn how to access your assignment grades in Blackboard, please click here.

Gradebook provides an overview of end-of-module grades, as well as grades for assignments graded before Spring 2011 (see above).

Your end-of-module grades appear in Gradebook once released for publication. This is typically within two weeks of the end of the module, but please realise this is still a provisional grade.  See the section entitled Assessment for further details.

You may click on the “Class ID” of each of the modules, where brief descriptions of the module, the name of the instructor, and other important information will be shown. In addition, if you click on “Details” at the far right of the grid, you may view your weekly grades for that particular module. You may also print a copy of your end of module grades, by utilizing the “Printer-Friendly Version” link. You may sort the information differently than the default sorting by clicking on the headings of the various columns. For example, you may sort your grades by module title, by clicking on the heading of the module title column.


Personal Information

The Personal Information page allows you to update and change personal information to ensure it is kept current at all times. It is important that the information Laureate Online Education has about you is up-to-date and correct.

Please take the time to periodically review and update this information. If any changes need to be made before the third week of your studies you will need to ask your Enrolment Advisor to have the changes made for you. After that point you can edit most of the details yourself. If your name is incorrect or has changed, or your date-of-birth is incorrect, you will need to supply a copy of your ID with the correct details to your Student SUpport Manager who will do the update for you.

My Finance

Within the My Finance section, you can see your tuition fee information including any invoices that are due, past paid invoices as well as any other financial transactions you have made regarding your online studies with Laureate Online Education.

Payment Plan: Your original Student Agreement contracted plan of payment; e.g. monthly, per module, one time payment. Note your tuition fee is calculated here as per study point.

Invoice Details: The amount, original due date, status and calculated date paid per invoice. This includes a link to either View a closed invoice or to Pay an open invoice.   You can pay invoices online, via by a variety of different methods.

Links to Invoices: The View/Pay link will take you directly to a printable official copy of your chosen invoice. All invoices that have been paid will only link to a View of the invoice.

Study Points Used: Each module that for which you have a confirmed enrolment will be listed here, along with the amount of study points that correspond to that module.

Study Point Balance: How many study points have been used versus the amount that have been invoiced and those that have been paid are shown here.


Student Handbook

The Student Handbook provides you with access to important academic information such as our rules and regulations, descriptions of our online programmes and modules, tips on time management and various system user manuals.



Contacts at Laureate Online Education will provide you easy access to links, phone numbers and contact information of various Laureate departments and personnel that will be important throughout your studies.


My Enrolments and Module Calendar

My Enrolments and the Module Calendar have been provided to each student to assist in the planning of your educational track. They provides you with an overview of those modules that you are enrolled for and the core and elective modules of your programme of study and when they will be available. This will allow you to better plan your future studies, as well as allowing you the ability to foresee and plan your module schedule around your personal affairs i.e. holidays. To better plan your schedule, please refer to the module calendar(s) available in the Student Handbook, as this will allow you to see what and when a module is offered and to begin building your own plan. For the modules that you may self enrol to, as the self enrolment period opens, you can enrol yourself online ahead of time based on the module calendar. Do not worry, you can always change your mind. During open enrolment period, you are also able to disenrol online. After the open enrolment deadline, you may contact your Student Support Manager to request to be disenrolled. In addition, we request that when you enrol in the module to supply to us your alternate choice of modules (if requested) in the rare case that we are unable to supply you with your first option. As the module start date nears, you will receive confirmation of your enrolment and you will then be supplied with the name of the book(s) that is/are required for that module. Be reminded that for certain modules, we do not allow automatic enrolment or disenrollment. For these particular modules, you must send a request directly to your Student Support Manager.   Finally, remember that for the majority of programmes, your Student Support Manager will communicate your initial study schedule to you and will automatically enrol you to your first core modules. Please see the section titled ‘Enrolling to Modules’  for further details.

Module Calendar

The Module Calendar provides you descriptions of the current available modules, credit points for each module and whether the module is an elective or required module for your specific course. In general, the Module Calendar provides you with a tool that assists you in the planning of your course schedule.

When clicking on the Availability link, you will have an overview of the following:

  1. Start and end dates of each module.
  2. When the registration period begins and ends for those modules.
  3. Modules that are planned but not open for registration yet
  4. Modules that are currently open for enrolment.

This section provides you with easy access to enrol to available modules online. Viewing these start and end dates will help you plan your schedule ahead of time. In addition, you may also refer to the Student Handbook calendar that will assist you in planning.

You may only enrol in modules during the open registration period.

Enrolment request.
When enrolling online, you will be shown the following link: Enrolling Now. By clicking on this link you will be shown a screen asking that you confirm your module choice. In addition, we ask that not only do you confirm your initial choice, but also supply and confirm your alternate choice of modules in the rare case that we are unable to provide you with your first option. By confirming these choices, your enrolment request will be emailed directly to the administrator who will check the availability of that particular module. You may view your module enrolments and their status through the My Enrolments menu tab located within If the module is available, you will receive confirmation of your enrolment via email within a few weeks and the status will show as confirmed within My Enrolments.

REMINDER: The enrolment request is finalised and will remain pending until the student receives a confirmation email from the administrator. Do not expect to have immediate confirmation of your chosen module. You should receive confirmation within a few weeks of your enrolment request and ordinarily 5 weeks before the start date of the module.

My Enrolments

My Enrolments provides you with an overview of those modules that you have chosen to enrol in and the status of each enrolment. You will be able to view the dates you enrolled in those particular modules, the start and end dates of those enrolled modules, and the enrolment status (whether is it pending confirmation or confirmation has been confirmed). In addition, during the open enrolment period, the option to automatically disenrol online from a module is provided. After the open enrolment period, the option to automatically disenrol will no longer be available. However, if you need to disenrol at this stage, you may directly contact your Student Support Manager to discuss this.

How to Disenrol
After choosing to enrol in a module through the Module Calendar, you may view your module selections in My Enrolments and have the option to disenrol. There are two different ways to disenrol: During open enrolment period, you have the option to disenrol online by clicking on the disenrol link. After canceling your enrolment, it will no longer be shown in My Enrolments as you have cancelled this request.

After open enrolment period closes, you must contact your Student Support Manager whom will assist you in the disenroling process.

Book List

The Book List displays the required textbooks for each module and is divided by programme and by term start date.  You will be directed to this link in the enrolment confirmation email that is sent to your eCampus email address by the Student Administrator, once your module enrolment is confirmed.  Simply locate your programme of study and click the appropriate term date.

Do NOT order textbooks more than five weeks in advance of the start of a module. The textbooks can and do change and if you buy your textbook too early you may end up with the wrong version.




: Please note that this link opens in a new window and as such you will need to turn off any pop-up blockers you may have activated or to allow pop-up windows from  For assistance, go to and type in “turning off pop up blocker”.  Alternatively, please ask your SSM for assistance.  If you click the Book List link and you are taken back to the home page of, it means that a pop-up blocker has blocked the link.

Once you have selected your programme and term, you will be presented with details of the textbooks, separated by module.  Simply locate the module that you are studying that term for full book details.


My Dissertation

In the My Dissertation section of, you can access materials related to your Dissertation, including the Dissertation guidelines and FAQs.  Once you begin your Dissertation, you can also chart your progress and view your dissertation deadline details.

Change Password

You can change your password for at any time, using this section. 

Simply enter your current password, and what you would like your new password to be.  Enter the new password again in the ‘Repeat New Password’ box and click ‘Update’.


At the end of each module, you will be invited to fill out an End of Module Survey.  The feedback you provide about your programme is essential and this is the formal channel by which you can ensure your input is heard.  The University of Liverpool holds Boards of Studies meetings at least twice a year and one aspect of those meetings is to review the student feedback about each of the modules that are currently offered online.

Please ensure that you fill out the survey in a timely fashion; surveys are usually made available one week before your module ends and are only available for 2 weeks following the module completion.

Bring A Friend

In this section, you can find details about the University of Liverpool’s and Laureate Online Education’s referral incentive programme.  This scheme rewards current and prospective students and alumni, when they recommend friends, colleagues or family members to one of our 100% online Masters Degree programmes.


In this section, you will find links to the University of Liverpool Online Library and Gartner Resources. 

Note that you will still be required to login to the University library services using your MWS username and password.  These services are not currently linked with your student portal login details.


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